Small Air Conditioners

Small air conditioners are the usual air conditioners used by households and even some office and business establishments. They are more suitable for places with small rooms; notice how apartments, dormitories, resorts and hotels are making use of them. That in itself explicitly speaks how advantageous small air conditioners are to their nature of the business. Above all, it is more cost efficient as compared to the larger ones. Aside from that, there are more good gains in choosing this type of unit. Read further to get more positive points so that you may be helped in deciding whether to buy one or not.

Advantages of Small Air Conditioners:

1. Low Price

It has a low initial cost and is also of low maintenance which means you will not have to spend a big amount of cash every time you subject them for cleaning. What is even more advantageous is that most of them don’t necessarily need any professional help for cleaning. Yes, you heard me right! You can actually clean them by yourself which means less expenses on your part.

2. Easy Maintenance

As mentioned above, you can always choose to clean your own small air conditioner instead of seeking service from a professional. How? Well, cleaning it is as easy as 1,2,3. All you need to do is take the filter away and start cleaning. But of course, you must take extra care in doing so to avoid damage. You can always seek guide from the net to make sure you are doing the right cleaning measures.

3. Hassle-free

This applies to big establishments or buildings using two or more units. It is definitely a problem if you will have to repair a central unit, can you imagine? That would mean the whole place will have to endure not using air conditioner for a time. It might be okay for any household but for commercial establishments, that would be a big problem. You might end up facing a lot of complaints from your clients because of that. With the small ones you won’t have to face that simply because you can always clean and repair them individually.

Disadvantages of Small Air Conditioners:

1. Less efficient

Not that it is of poor quality, but considering its size there are really features that can be found in big air conditioners that this small ones cannot do. You can’t expect a small unit to cool down a large space, right?

2. Frequent Maintenance

With its size come greater possibilities of early damage if not well taken cared of. Hence, there is a great need for cleaning them more frequently to avoid instances of early damage. It might be a great obligation on your part but not doing so would mean bigger problems in the end. What do you prefer between the two?

3. Frequent Breakdowns

They might have more breakdowns as compared to larger units but you can always seek help on fixing them. The cost is not a burden given that you know well enough which cleaning shop is less expensive yet offers a good repair service. In the end, it is still up to you.

Free yourself from the financial burden of large units. Get the cost-efficient and hassle-free small air conditioners.

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