Best Portable Air Conditioner

There are a lot of air conditioners that claim that they are the best but when you purchase them, you’d discover that it was just a marketing ploy in order for people to purchase their products.

This guide will help you decide once and for all what portable air conditioner is best for YOU. This list has the top portable air conditioners in the market as reviewed by regular consumers like you; straightforward review with no marketing ploys.

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Vertical Air Conditioners

Vertical air conditioners are also called casement or slider air conditioners. This type of unit is suitable for spaces which have vertical or small windows wherein a window unit cannot be installed. The features in this kind of unit are configured vertically instead of horizontally.

Some people who have sliding windows have a hard time looking for units that can be installed without destroying the natural look and design of the window. If you are one of these people, opt for a slider unit. That way, you can still preserve the look of your home

Vertical units can be installed easily compared to other units. Some people choose this type because it is more aesthetically appealing compared to other types of air-con. There are some units that are very thin but can still cool a space fairly well.

There are also some that are portable and can be transported easily from one room to another. Some units resemble a personal refrigerator and can just be left in a corner of a room.

This type can be quite hard to come across in appliance stores because it is not too common compared to the window air conditioning unit. Most are on a request basis so it is best to ask your local appliance store if they can order one especially for you. There are also a variety of shops in the internet which offers casement units; you can purchase one through this means.

Price wise, casement air conditioners are more expensive than window units because the design and build are more complicated.

Aside from residential use, some shops and offices also use vertical air-cons. You have most probably come across them. They are vertical rectangular shaped units that can be quite large. They are often used to cool a large area. Unlike other units, they are not too noisy and only emit a steady hum which sometimes just mixes with the background. This type is also more often chosen for offices and shops over a central air conditioning system because it is cheaper and yet still delivers good results.

Vertical air conditioners are not your ordinary units in the sense that it looks different from the regular horizontal shaped units. Though it may look different, it still packs the same punch as any other regular air-con unit.

Portable Car Air Conditioner

Portable car air conditioners are extremely useful partners when traveling during warm weather in a car that has broken air conditioning. It can also be used in a car that has a built-in air conditioner that cannot cool the air effectively.

There are two types of portable air conditioners: the evaporative type and the refrigerant type. Portable car air-cons usually use the evaporative technology since it uses less energy compared to the refrigerant type. This type consists of an insulating cover, internal heat exchanger, blower fan, inlet pipe, and outlet openings. To be able to produce cool air, water is necessary. A 12 volt power converter is also needed for the air-con to function. Aside from that, ventilation is also needed since warm air needs to be expelled.

Since the unit will be utilizing water to create cool water, do not forget to bring loads of water since the unit consumes a lot of water in just a short period. There are also units that makes use of ice instead of water. Opt for this type because it is more effective in cooling the air yet it causes more hassle since you would need to bring loads of ice.

Aside from the cooling function, you should also look for additional functions such as air purification and dehumidifier. An air purifier cleans the air inside of the car which makes it easier to breath. For humid areas, a humidifier is a must. With the three function—cooling, air purifying, dehumidifying—you can be sure that you will be able to travel comfortably even in a warm weather.

A downside of this product, as with all portable air conditioners is that it can be quite noisy.

Since it is portable, the unit is not only limited in the car. You can also use it in other areas and spaces, so long as it is a relatively small space. In case you will be using it in a larger area, opt for a unit that has more power.

Portable car air conditioners are available in car accessory shops, appliance shops and also in boat centers.

Portable Air Conditioning Unit

A portable air conditioning unit is more appropriate for a place where in the weather is not so warm and warmth is only experienced in certain seasons of the year. Installing a window air conditioner in this type of place can be a waste of money because you wouldn’t be using the unit frequently. A small portable air conditioner is more suitable because you can take it to any room or any place and is not only limited to one certain room.

The unit works by drawing in warm air through inlets and circulating the air through the unit and is cooled by the evaporator coils with refrigerant running through them. The cooled air is then expelled through the front of the unit and the hot air is expelled through the back of the unit with an exhaust hose.

All units have their own exhaust hose. You must put the exhaust hose in a window so that the warm air and condense will be expelled outside of the room.

There are three types of portable room air conditioners: the single hosed units, double hosed units, split units and heat and cool units. The single hosed unit, like its name states, makes use of only one hose to expel hot air and condense. This type is more suitable for rooms that are 475 square feet and smaller.

On the other hand, double hosed units have two hoses, one is used to expel warm air and condense, and the other hose is used to absorb additional air from outside. This type is used in rooms that are around 500 square feet.

The split unit has two separate parts: the compressor and the evaporator. These two parts are connected by a detachable refrigerant pipes. This unit is less noisy than the single and double hosed. The heat and cool units have the option to provide warmth by reversing the cooling process. Instead of cool air, warm air is released.

One of the downsides of a portable air conditioning unit is that it is very noisy because of its engine. Recently though, there are some models that are noiseless. Though more expensive, it would be better to purchase the noiseless type. Also, opt for the heat and cool units so that you could find comfort, not only in warm weather, but also during cool weathers.

Air Conditioner Window Units

Air conditioner window units are air conditioning units that are suitable for budget-friendly individuals. It is cheaper compared to other systems but works as efficient and is also reliable. It is the most common type of air conditioning unit. It is also the most accessible unit since it can be purchased in appliance stores.

Window units are often used in small spaces or single rooms such as bedrooms and small offices. It is available in different sizes. If your space is less than 100 square feet, an air conditioner with a 0.8 ton is enough to cool the room. If the space is more than a 100 square feet but less than 200 square feet, then a 1 ton conditioner is recommended. A 1.5 ton is advisable for spaces that is bigger than 200 square feet but smaller than 300 square feet. However, these sizes are not constant since the number of people that would occupy the space will also be considered.

To be able to install an air conditioner window unit in your room or office, your room or office should have a window or space in the wall where it can be installed. The space behind the wall where in the unit would be installed should also be an open space because hot air and water will be expelled by the unit. The unit also needs occasional cleaning and maintenance for it to work in tiptop shape so a big outside space is needed.

In case you are clueless about what unit to purchase, you should consult an HVAC designer to help you choose the suitable unit for your space.

A common problem encountered by owners of window units is the noise caused by the unit. A steady hum can often be heard which makes it hard for some home owners to concentrate, rest, or sleep. With the advance of technology, there are now noiseless air conditioners available in the market. There are also some that are more aesthetically appealing, unlike the traditional rectangular box.

Whatever you choose, be it traditional or the technologically advanced unit, choose one which is from a reliable and quality brand. Never compromise quality for the price. Air conditioner window units are must-haves for budget-conscious households or companies who want comfort from warm or cool weather.

Carrier Air Conditioner

Carrier air conditioner is one of the leading and largest air conditioning brands of today; not only that, but it is also the fore runner of the air conditioning system. Carrier was founded by Willis Haviland Carrier, who is the inventor of modern air conditioning.

Ever since the system was invented in 1902, it has been the world leader in air conditioning. The brand provides exceptional indoor air quality that controls humidity, allergens, and harmful pollutants.

Carrier air conditioners are one of the most energy efficient air conditioner brands in terms of energy consumption and cooling capabilities. It is recognized by Energy Star for its environmentally friendly developments in the industry. The systems do not use chlorine-based refrigerants, instead, it makes use of ozone-friendly refrigerants.

The brand is “dedicated to creating environmentally sound products and solutions that fulfill our customers’ demands while preserving our precious natural resources.”

Air conditioners under the Carrier brand are available worldwide. The brand has local operations in nearly every geographic market which ensures prompt and quality service.

Air conditioners started of as a system which was available only for corporations and manufacturing plants to ensure quality and controlled air during production. In 1928, Air conditioning systems became available to a wider market. Shopping centers and Movie houses employed these systems which sky rocketed their business because people flocked to the centers to find comfort and coolness from the warm weather.

Because of the comfort and coolness that people obtained from these systems, there demands smaller units that could be installed in the comfort of home. The corporation obliged to the demands and in 1928, Willis Carrier developed the first residential air conditioning unit which was then called “Weathermaker”. Because of the great depression and World War 2, the product consumption slowed down. After the war though, the consumer sales grew at a rapid pace and now, air conditioning systems are one of the sought after and necessary appliances in residential homes.

Carrier air conditioner was and continues to be at the forefront of the development of air conditioning. You can be sure that when you purchase a unit from Carrier, you are receiving a quality, durable, and efficient air conditioning system which not only provides you comfort but is also environment-friendly.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central air conditioning systems are also called central air or air-con. These systems are high powered air conditioning systems used for huge spaces such as large buildings, big hotels, manufacturing plants, hospitals, airports—basically any large space with multiple rooms and floors.

Instead of installing a window or split air conditioners in each room, a central air conditioning unit is used instead. This type of system is more economical and does not have the hassle of cleaning and maintaining numerous units.

For a central air system to be installed, a large room is needed to accommodate the large compressor, condenser, thermostatic expansion valve and evaporator. This system makes use of ducts to transport chilled or dehumidified air into the rooms and other spaces or through pipes which distributes chilled water to heat exchangers in each room or space. The centralized system provides sufficient chilled air in each room without the noise associated with other cooling systems.

There are two main types of central aircon systems: the Direct Expansion or DX Central Air Conditioning System and the Chilled Water Central Air Conditioning System. The Direct Expansion or DX Central Air Conditioning System is more appropriate for small buildings while the Chilled Water Central Air Conditioning System is for larger buildings or spaces.

As with other air condition units, central air conditioning systems also need constant maintenance. Operators, Technicians, and Engineers are needed for the proper functioning of the system. The system is very sophisticated and complicated and unlike the other units, providers are limited.

The system requires loads of energy to function properly. Currently, there have been certain developments. There are now systems available in the market that has lower energy consumption. An example is multispeed compressors where in the system does not have to run in high speed all the time. It could run at a lower speed during days when the temperature is not too high. Another development is the scroll compressor which does not generate too much friction which is more efficient and lasts longer.

More and more people are choosing central air conditioning systems, particularly in warm areas, because it is more economical than having multiple units in each room. Not only that, it provides cool air without the nerve-frying noise.

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